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Welcome to visit the website of Kunshan Avant-garde Machinery Technology Co. LTD. On the occasion of the establishment of the website, I only represent all the staff of the company to the landing of the company website from all walks of life to welcome, and the establishment of the website to express warm congratulations!

The 21st century is the era of network, the rapid development of the Internet to the standardization of the construction of enterprises in the new era put forward more severe challenges and opportunities, the Internet has increasingly become an important channel and platform for all sectors of society to understand enterprises. We hope friends from all walks of life support our company more through the website, we will also through the company website for the whole society to show the avant-garde science and technology positive, jingye harmonious spirit.

Avant-garde science and technology adhering to the concept of sophisticated technology, leading technology, conform to the trend of modern industrial development resource sharing. It has built a win-win platform, innovated ideas, integrated the resources of the upstream and downstream leading enterprises in the food processing industry, and established long-term scientific research cooperation with many universities and research institutes, such as Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Xinjiang Shihezi University, etc. To gather thousands of power, serving the public enterprises for the business purpose, committed to food processing scheme innovation and improvement, processing equipment configuration reasonable and simple for the company's business objectives. Making high-quality enterprises become avant-garde customers and promoting avant-garde customers to achieve excellent brands is the enterprise philosophy pursued by avant-garde technology.

Avant-garde technology has been adhering to the user demand as the core, while focusing on the design and manufacture of food machinery, fully absorb and master the world's cash experience in food processing equipment technology, to strive for the "food engineering expert" and make unremitting efforts. The company not only provides professional solutions for the whole line, but also establishes a perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system to provide guidance and help for customers' problems and difficulties in development. Avant-garde technology will continue its efforts and pursuit, with a positive development mentality, pragmatic spirit to cooperate with new and old customers at home and abroad, create a win-win situation!

Heartfelt thanks to new and old customers and all walks of life for the attention and support of avant-garde technology! Finally, I wish you all good health and success in your work

                                                                                                                                  General manager of Kunshan Avant-garde Machinery Technology Co., LTD

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Address: 1508, No.9, Lane 231, Greenland Avenue, Huaqiao International Business City, Kunshan

No.10, Fufu Third Road, Anfeng Electronic Information Industrial Park, Dongtai, Jiangsu


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