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How much does the home craft beer equipment cost


Craft beer is an emerging product in China in recent years. From almost zero a few years ago to about two or three hundred about six years ago, more and more people are joining the craft fresh beer industry. Most of the original craft beer lovers came from overseas backgrounds. With the improvement of people's consumption awareness and consumption level, more people begin to pay attention to participating in craft beer. Home craft beer equipment typically ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Craft beer is still in its infancy in China. Some focus on personal hobbies and like home brews, while others focus on making money and like commercial brews. Whether it is personal hobby, or business. The quality of craft beer mainly depends on equipment, ingredients and brewing technology. Choosing suitable and reliable craft beer brewing equipment is the premise of brewing quality beer. Everyone has different personal preferences for equipment and some requirements for equipment are also different. There are many domestic manufacturers, some professional manufacturing; Some are not professional production, I feel or choose professional production of beer equipment manufacturers better. Choose manufacturer or want to see manufacturer strength, credit and product price ratio. Shandong Shanda beer equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product design, development, manufacturing, engineering installation and after-sales service. Our company takes design specialization, production standardization, business diversification as the development concept, respects customers, serves customers, creates value for customers as the business purpose, insists on constantly striving for product quality, and strives to provide high-quality products and thoughtful service for customers at home and abroad

Craft beer equipment


Address: 1508, No.9, Lane 231, Greenland Avenue, Huaqiao International Business City, Kunshan

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