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Knowledge of coconut processing line operation


Understand the common sense of coconut processing production line operation, assembly line is essential to factory production, assembly line conveyor generally has a roller, for you to introduce the factory assembly line operation is mainly divided into five parts:

First, do a good job in prenatal planning.

Factory assembly lines must be planned in advance. Before the assembly line to do a good job of prenatal planning, identify customer quality requirements, understand the delivery date. Try to understand the key points and difficulties in the whole production process clearly, do a good job of prenatal preparation, so that there are ready to fight.

Second, arrange the plan.

1. Plan the output of finished products on the day after the formal production on the assembly line.

2. The semi-finished products should be planned at a point higher than the finished products.

3, when arranging the process, we must consider the difficulty of the process, how many products we can do a day, how much work we need to do to meet the requirements of the next process.

4, let semi-finished products and finished products synchronous production. Semi-finished products can not backlog, when the semi-finished products process is relatively simple, it is easy to cause the backlog of semi-finished products when the process is long, because the backlog of semi-finished products is too much, and finally burst out of finished products, the probability of quality problems will increase, and the quality problems after the car into finished products is difficult to solve. If semi-finished products are produced simultaneously with finished products, quality problems can be followed up and improved at any time, so as not to cause too much rework.

Coconut processing production line

Iii. Arrangement of finished product process.

In fact, finished products come out does not represent the completion of the task, because finished products come out, to be checked goods goods check OK to calculate the completion. So don't overstock after the finished product comes out, and send it to the inspector in time for inspection.

Iv. Rework treatment.

The supervisor and the checker should communicate frequently, and the quality problems detected in each process should be found and solved one by one, and a problem must not be allowed to continue. Otherwise, the assembly line will be in disorder, unable to smooth. The most important thing about the factory assembly line is the process error.

Five, mantissa follow up.

When the semi-finished products and finished products as soon as the line to collect all the relevant information, complete a clear one, can not drag. Otherwise, it is easy to affect the delivery date and the production plan of the next product.

Generally speaking, to ensure the smooth flow of the factory assembly line, the most important thing is to ensure that each process is not overstocked. From the assembly line to the packaging, no matter which process is like a relay race, it should be completed one by one. It is the duty of our production managers to improve the production efficiency of the assembly line. The specific implementation methods of different assembly lines are different. We should find innovation in daily production and life to create higher benefits for the enterprise.


Address: 1508, No.9, Lane 231, Greenland Avenue, Huaqiao International Business City, Kunshan

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