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Jam processing production line process, its main equipment and requirements


The process flow of jam processing production line is as follows: fruit disinfection → transport → cutting flowers → washing fruit → beating → pre-cooking → vacuum concentration → canning → sterilization → finished product.

Processing, remove selected fruit by artificial calyx, transport the machine to cut cut flowers, and then washed, cooked to soften after washing into the pre-cooking machine, again into the beater, and processed by the mesh slurry flows into the vacuum concentration pan, according to the amount of fruit pulp adding suitable amount of sugar, into the steam for enrichment, when more than 68% of solids, sealed cans, The finished jam is processed by sterilization. Its main equipment and requirements are as follows:

(1) Fruit beater. The soft fruit will be broken into pulp, and the pulp, slag separation, vertical and horizontal beater two kinds, now more use is horizontal.

(2) spiral continuous precooking machine. This is the key equipment for fruit processing. The raw material falls into the sieve barrel from the hopper. There is a screw propeller in the center of the sieve barrel, which moves forward under the screw thrust. The sieve barrel is immersed in hot water and the fruit is heated to soften. After pre-cooking, it is discharged from the discharging tank.

(3) Jam concentration equipment. After beating the pulp by adding sugar, heating, to remove part of the water, so that its solids up to 66%, sugar content is not less than 57%, jam products. There are two kinds of concentrator: atmospheric pressure type and vacuum type. Sandwich pot equipment is used for atmospheric pressure concentration equipment, and vacuum system concentration equipment is used for vacuum type concentration.

(4) Double piston quantitative charging machine. Used for ration filling of jam. Quantitative requirements, adjustable size, good loading effect.

(5) Autoclave pot. Used for sterilization of cans and bottles.

Fruit juice jam production line


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