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  • Release date:2022-03-21
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The dryer is mainly composed of 11KW scroll fan, stainless steel and glass frame and wind knife. The main working principle is to use the whirlpool fan generated by the wind force to blow off the bottle wall, bottle cap outside the water droplets, for the next labeling, coding. And the wind knife can be adjusted freely, fully ensure the drying effect, and also has a strong applicability to bottles of different diameters and heights.

1. Production capacity: 0-12000 bottles/hour

2, suitable for bottle type: all kinds of special-shaped bottles, round bottles, tin cans, etc

3, suitable for bottle height: 550-320 mm

4, the number of wind knife: 10 groups (can be doubled according to the need)

5, fan model and power: 380 VOLTS, 11 kw (can be increased according to need)

6, dimensions: 1600X1000X1800 mm (can be adjusted according to need)

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