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It is suitable for blanching and pre-cooking fruits and vegetables. This machine is suitable for sterilization of soft packaging vegetable products, secondary sterilization of low-temperature meat products after packaging, also for sterilization of bottled food, beverage and vegetable blanching, etc.

Applicable to all types of low-temperature meat products sterilization, sterilization sausages, sausages, sterilization, sterilization, tinned fruit juice beverage sterilization, vegetable juice beverage sterilization, sterilization of pickles, pickles, pickled vegetables sterilization sterilization, salted food sterilization, big sauce sterilization, pickled vegetables sterilization, pickle sterilization, wild herb sterilization, sterilization with jam and jelly sterilization, sterilization, bean yogurt sterilization, sterilization, dairy products Canned sterilization lamp vacuum flexible packaging food, flexible tube bottle packaging, glass bottles of pickles, pickles, jam, canned packaging sterilization.

In the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, the requirements of some packaged products for water bath sterilization. The packaged products are placed on the adjustable stainless steel mesh belt, under the action of the conveyor belt in order into the sterilization box, through the "high temperature water as the medium" sterilization, and then by another conveyor belt with cooling box uniform cooling, so as to meet the product sterilization requirements, then into the continuous wind trunk can be directly encased. The series of equipment continuous operation, has been sterilized packaging products are continuously sent to the next production process.

Mesh bag length: 10-100M customized width: 0.6-2.5m customized

Heating mode: electric heating tube heating: power according to product characteristics and customer site conditions configuration, electric heating can achieve real-time temperature control, real-time monitoring, automatic stop and heat preservation after reaching the set temperature, convenient operation, effectively ensure product sterilization effect

Steam heating configuration steam pipe interface, trap, start valve and manual valve, temperature detection, temperature control and other configurations, after the purchase of the company to send professional installation and debugging, and teach one to two operators to use

Pasteurization, cooling and air drying assembly line is a new product integrating sterilization, cooling and air drying (drying), which is successfully developed by our company by absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining with the production technology of domestic food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This series sterilization, cooling machine is made of high quality stainless steel, advanced control instrument. With beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance characteristics, compared with the current local method (sterilization pool) low labor intensity, less manpower, high degree of self-control, temperature can be automatically adjusted in 98 degrees, the lower water temperature difference is small, easy to control the quality of the product, the product is fully in line with GMP, HACCP certification requirements, health and efficient, It is the ideal equipment for processing vegetable, meat and poultry products.

The sterilization time


Mesh belt speed


Sterilization temperature

65 ° C to 90 ° C is adjustable


Room temperature cooling 3kW 22-50kW ice water cooling

Steam pressure


Energy consumption


Processing capacity

Design according to user requirements

The power supply


Cooling way

Room temperature or forced ice water

The running speed

Frequency control of motor speed

Type of sterilization machine: chain plate water bath sterilization machine, roller type water bath sterilization machine, spray sterilization cooler


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