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Usage: Suitable for cutting green coconut in half and fetching water.

Product specification: 2000PCS/H.

Works: artificial put coconut transverse conveyor chain of the baffle, the drive shaft driven upward move, dial the frame with the operation at the same time, under the interaction between various parts of the transmission, conveyor chain constantly do rotary motion, and coconut slowly ascend to dial the frame, the top of the machine has a fixed blade, coconut in the blade and the dial frame is cut force under the action of each half. Cut half of the juice into the juice bucket, in the juice bucket is installed above the filter, to prevent the coconut shell into the juice bucket, and the filter at a certain Angle, coconut shell is introduced by the filter to slag or he.

Technical features:

1, simple structure, easy maintenance;

2, the machine stainless steel material;

3. High strength blade with special treatment;

4, simple operation;

5, smooth operation, low noise, low failure rate.

Motor selection: variable frequency speed control or stepless speed reducer.

Packing: wooden pallet or wooden frame.

Control: button control or PLC online control can be used.

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