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Usage: Usually used for vacuum degassing of fruit juice to inhibit oxidation and Browning of fruit juice. After high temperature degassing can simultaneously remove the gas attached to the suspended particles, prevent the particles from floating, improve high temperature sterilization and filling bubbles, improve the sterilization effect, reduce the corrosion inside the container. Degassing is often carried out in the production of liquid milk or dairy beverages. Generally, vacuum degassing is carried out after homogenization, and sometimes before filling. It is matched with sterilization unit to realize automatic control.

Product specification: 0.5-30T/H, can be customized according to capacity.

Working principle: Open the matching of the vacuum pump according to the operating instructions of the pump (pump), smoke detector in the air, at the same time within the materials will be fed from the inlet self-priming device, when the material to a certain position, control valve automatic control of material, at this time can observe and control the feeding speed from sight hole, when the degree of vacuum in condenser meet the process requirements, can be exported from material extraction material, Production can continue as long as the vacuum degree and the balance of incoming and outgoing materials are maintained.

The equipment is composed of vacuum degassing tank, vacuum pump, pumping pump, connecting pipe fittings and other main parts.

Technical features:

1, remove the air (oxygen) in the feed liquid, inhibit the oxidation of Browning, pigment, vitamin, fragrance and other substances, prevent quality reduction;

2, remove suspended particles attached to the material liquid gas, inhibit the particles floating, maintain a good appearance;

3, prevent filling and high temperature sterilization bubble affect sterilization;

4, reduce the corrosion of the inner wall of the container;

5, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, vacuum can withstand pressure.

Packing: foam film or plastic film, wood support or wood frame fee need to be confirmed.

Control: button control or PLC online control can be used.

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