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1. Working principle of homogenizer:

Rotor and stator precision coordination, working head (rotor and stator forgings manufacturing) claw type structure, bidirectional suction, high shear efficiency.

Intermittent high shear dispersion emulsifying homogenizer is a high frequency, strong circumferential tangential velocity, angular velocity and other comprehensive kinetic energy efficiency formed by the high speed and steady rotation of the rotor.

Under the action of stator, stator, rotor reasonable narrow clearance in the formation of strong, reciprocating hydraulic shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, liquid flow collision and other comprehensive effects, the material in the container cycle reciprocating above working process, finally obtain the product.

2. Use method:

Homogenizer in the application of soymilk: soymilk homogenization under high pressure from the homogenization valve slit pressure. Fat globules, proteins and other particles are refined under the combined action of shear force, impact force and hole effect. A homogeneous dispersion is formed. Prevent fat from floating, protein precipitation, increase the gloss of soy milk, improve the stability of soy milk.

The homogenization effect of soy milk was affected by homogenization pressure. Homogenization temperature and homogenization number of three factors. Homogeneous pressure is limited by equipment. Soybean milk production can be homogenized at 20~30MPa pressure. It is more suitable to control the temperature between 55~65℃ when homogenizing. Homogeneity 1~2 times.

Homogenizing process can be placed before soy milk. You can put it later. The two arrangements have their own advantages and disadvantages. If homogenization is put first, the homogenization effect can be destroyed to some extent. Soy milk is prone to oily lines. But using this process reduces the chance of later contamination. High security of storage. Equipment costs are relatively low. And it is not easy to scale after the homogenized soy milk into the machine. If homogenization is placed later, the situation is reversed.

Application of homogenizer in raw milk: under the strong mechanical action of 16.7~20.6MPa, the fat balls of milk will be broken into small fat balls. So that it's evenly distributed in the milk. Can effectively prevent adipose ball to float. In the production of pasteurized milk. The position of the general homogenizer is in the heat recovery section. In indirect heating uHT milk production, homogenizer is located in the front. In the production of directly heated uHT sterilized milk.

The homogenizer is located after sterilization. Aseptic homogenizers should therefore be used. Homogenization can not only prevent fat globules from floating up, but also has some other advantages: the diameter of milk fat globules after homogenization is reduced, and it is easy to be digested and absorbed by human body. Homogenization softens milk protein clots. Promote digestion and absorption, in enzymatic cheese production, homogenization can make milk set faster, milk products more uniform flavor.

Preheating is required before homogenization. When the temperature reaches 60~65℃, two-stage homogenization method is generally adopted, that is, high pressure (16.7~ 20.6mpa) is used for the homogenization of the stage, the purpose is to break the fat globules, and low pressure (3.4~ 4.9mpa) is used for the homogenization of the second stage, the purpose is to disperse the small broken fat globules and prevent adhesion.

Application of homogenizing machine in citrus juice: citrus juice after centrifugal separation, its pulp particles have been quite uniform. To further refine the particles. After centrifugation, the homogenizer can be used for homogenization at a pressure of 20~35MPa.

Application of homogenizing machine in flat peach fruit juice beverage: homogenizing pressure of 25~35MPa. It can enhance the affinity between pectin and fruit juice, improve the stability of fruit juice, reduce the particle size and density difference between particles, prevent the layered precipitation of slurry, and make the organization uniform and sticky, delicate taste.


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